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Collection: Affordable Cushion Covers | Refresh Your Cushions on Budget

Cushion covers are a functional and beautiful complement to any home decor. They act as protective coatings for cushions, shielding them from stains, wear, and dust. Beyond usefulness, cushion coverings are an excellent method to refresh or modify the appearance of a space without having to purchase new furniture. 

Cushion covers uk, which come in a limitless variety of colours, patterns, and designs, may compliment any interior design style, from modern and minimalist to traditional and eclectic. Seasonal themes, geometric patterns, floral motifs, and abstract prints are popular options that appeal to a wide range of interests. They also come with a variety of closures, like as zippers, buttons, and ties, which adds to their flair and convenience.

Cushion covers uk are not only inexpensive, but also ecologically good because they enable the reuse of existing cushions. They are simple to replace, clean, and store, making them an adaptable and necessary component of house furnishings. Cushion covers are a fantastic alternative for increasing the mood and practicality of living rooms, whether you want to add comfort, a pop of colour, or a touch of style.

Available Sizes:

Select the perfect size for your space, ranging from:

12 x 12 inch (30 x 30 cm)

14 x 14 inch (35 x 35 cm)

16 x 16 inch (40 x 40 cm)

17 x 17 inch (43 x 43 cm)

18 x 18 inch (45 x 45 cm)

20 x 20 inch (50 x 50 cm)

22 x 22 inch (55 x 55 cm)

24 x 24 inch (60 x 60 cm)

26 x 26 inch (65 x 65 cm)

28 x 28 inch (70 x 70 cm)